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ACP manufacture and distribute Guardrail Barriers, Safety Barriers, Wire Rope Barriers, W Beam Barriers, Crash Cushions, Temporary Barriers and Terminal Ends.

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Sentryline II TL-3 and TL-4 Wire Rope Safety Barrier System is an AS3845 and NCHRP350 compliant longitudinal barrier system. When installed correctly the system will allow an errant vehicle to be stopped, contained or redirected in a safe manner.

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FLEXFENCE WRSB Wire Rope Safety Barrier has gained popularity as an approved median crash barrier for the prevention of cross-median accidents. Cross-median accidents are typically violent collisions with a high probability of multiple serious injuries and death. Thus, the design trend for the approved crash barrier is towards providing positive vehicle containment in wider median applications for which road safety barriers

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Guardrail Safety Barriers Our range of road safety barriers include the various types of W-Beam and Thrie-Beam systems approved for use on Australia's roads. These include the MASH Test Level 3 TL3 compliant Ezy-Guard Smart and the MASH TL4 compliant Ezy-Guard High Containment.

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These include guardrail barriers, wire rope safety barriers, crash attenuation barriers, and high containment barriers. Ingal road safety barriers are manufactured to rigorous local and international standards with many undergoing crash testing in accordance with international standards such as MASH and NCHRP Report 350.

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New MashFlex wire rope safety barrier ASBAP approved Sept 2020 The new, MASH TL3, MashFlex® wire rope safety barrier is recommended for acceptance by the ASBAP...

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The Sentryline – M® Wire Rope Barrier system is a high-tension cable barrier and terminal end from Australian Construction Products. When impacted by a vehicle, the system is designed such that the vehicle should remain on its wheels at all times without vaulting or rolling.

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We’re recognised as industry leaders in the installation of car park and warehouse safety barrier systems. At Ontime Guardrail, we provide quality installations and source the best products available for car park and warehouse safety barrier systems. From making improvements to the safety of your car park or warehouse to new commercial...

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This is where highway safety barriers are used to reduce the consequences of an errant vehicle departing from the roadway. The safety goal is met when the road feature either contains and redirects the vehicle away from a roadside hazard, decelerates the vehicle

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Sentryline II TL-3 and TL-4 Wire Rope Safety Barrier

Consult ACP Australian construction products's Sentryline II TL-3 and TL-4 Wire Rope Safety Barrier brochure on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/2

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A cable barrier, also known as cable guardrail, wire rope safety barrier, is a flexible guard railing system toprovide good safe guard in open areas. This barrier system composed withchiefly hot dipped galvanized steel wire strands, steel posts and terminalsoffering excellent rust resisting and corrosion resisting property.

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Wire rope safety barriers slow or stop wayward vehicles by absorbing their impact. Their design minimises the effects of both off-road collisions and on-road accidents. Wire rope safety barriers provide reasonably quick and easy to install solutions. Under the right conditions, they’re a favourable option.

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Road Safety Barriers. Ingal Civil Products' road safety barriers including WRSB, guardrail and crash barriers have been developed over the years to safely redirect vehicles that leave the roadway. Many different rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible road safety barrier designs have evolved. These include guardrail barriers, wire rope safety...


Photograph of Sentryline II wire rope safety barrier installation.... ACP Phone 02 9772 4172 Fax 02 9792 6272. PO Box 565 PANANIA NSW 2213.... of vehicle either vaulting the barrier or not being redirected by the barrier. MAIN ROADS Western Australia Page 3 of 5 Sentryline II – 4 Wire Rope Design Sheet Issue 1C Issue 1C.

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Earlier this year ACP took on exclusive Australian distribution for crash cushions, terminals, TMAs and portable barriers from Barrier Systems Inc. BSI. The agreement means ACP is now a one-stop-shop – offering a full range of barrier products, including guardrail, Sentryline wire rope barrier, the X-Tension 350 family of products...

MashFlex® MASH TL3 Wire Rope Barrier Ingal Civil

MashFlex® MASH TL3 Wire Rope Barrier. Introducing MashFlex®, a member of the Flexfence family, the next generation wire rope safety barrier WRSB, providing superior motorist safety and more metres of barrier for your dollar. With the introduction of the iRAP Star Rating for a highway’s safety, critical for a 5 Star rating is the...

Safety Barrier Technical Conditions for Use

Safety Barrier Technical Conditions for Use Sentryline-M Wire Rope Barrier System Permanent Guide to Road Design Part 6: Roadside Design, Safety and Barriers. Issue Date: 4 March 2021 Supplier: CSP Pacific These conditions take precedence over any instructions in

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Ingal Civil Products is Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of highway safety barrier systems. A division of Industrial Galvanizers Corporation Pty Ltd, we are part of a large network of companies specialising in engineered steel products and galvanizing

Ingal Civil Products' Standard End Terminal

Standard End Terminal. The Flexfence Standard Terminal is designed to provide the necessary anchoring support to the cable barriers so they can redirect errant vehicles that impact the wire rope barrier within the length-of-need section. The Standard Terminal