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Our wheelstops which are also called Car Stops or Parking Blocks and are made from long lasting high density virgin rubber. This means it is both hardwaring and resistant to UV light. They are covered in a texturised yellow reflective that promotes visibility during the day and night.

Carpark rubber Wheel Stops | MHA Products

Carpark Rubber Wheel Stops Designed to catch front wheels of vehicle while still allowing pedestrian access between parking bays Also suitable in factories and warehouses to prevent trolley and forklifts bumping walls etc Complies AS/NZS 2980.1:2004

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Wheel stops are used where it is considered necessary to limit the travel of a vehicle into a parking space. Wheel stops sold in Australia are covered by AS2890.1:2004. This standard sets out very clear guidelines for the physical dimensions, location and use of wheel stops. Go to Wheel Stops

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Wheel Stops / Wheel Chocks. Wheels stops, also known as wheel chocks, restrict a vehicle's tyre from moving forward. They're used to protect structures from vehicle damage and prevent vehicles from encroaching into pedestrian areas. Click here to download our Rubber Wheel Stop 160mm Spec Sheet or Installation Guide, or get in touch with one of our...

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Make sure you install in each parking space, quality carpark wheelstops by Safety Xpress, the leading provider of the finest rubber wheel stops Australia wide. We deliver all our wheel stops to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast QLD and all other major cities in Australia.

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Concrete Wheel Stops Area Safe Products Concrete wheel stops are a precast concrete block constructed to act as a wheel bump stop. Concrete wheel stoppers are very heavy and more labour intensive to install than plastic stops, but they do have benefits and are still widely used.

Ingal Civil Products' Wheel Stops

The Ingal Wheel Stop is manufactured from recycled tyres and is available in yellow and black colour combination for improved visibility. Lightweight and economical, the Ingal Wheel Stop is supplied in 1650mm lengths conforming to the requirements of AS2890.1.

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The wheel stops are manufactured from recycled tyre crumb rubber and are supplied with yellow reflective tape. What are the Wheel Stops made of? Safe Direction’s car park wheel stops are made from recycled tyre crumb rubber.

Wheel Stops | Constructed from Recycled Rubber

Our premium wheel stops are constructed from recycled rubber that will not crack or fall apart like others wheel stops on the market.. Let eSafety Supplies provide you with the best wheel stops on the market in Australia. eSafety Supplies is your on stop shop for all your wheel stop needs and the best part is we offer delivery for all our wheel stops to Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Adelaide...

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Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment’s rubber wheel stops in Ireland are 1800mm in length, have a three year warranty and are made from long lasting material that features proven resilience and durability. In addition, these products provide environmentally friendly benefits as they are made from recycled tyres, and make use of 360mm rebar...

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Wheel stops are used to limit the travel of a vehicle too far into a parking space. Wheel stops are used in both inside and outside areas where pedestrians could be in danger of the parking vehicle or to avoid the contact of a vehicle with a wall, barrier or kerb.

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Rubber and concrete wheel stops. Wheel Stops are a simple yet effective solution to protect vehicles and property from damage while they are being parked. These wheel stops will work in any type of car parking situation; they are tough, durable and unobtrusive, and come in rubber, concrete and steel versions.

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The Park Aid Wheel Stops can help cars from colliding with other vehicles or nearby assets. The kerbs prevent the wheels of the car from going any further. Use 2 kerbs per parking space, 1 per wheel. The rubber wheel stops are made from a highly...

Wheel Stops Jagfence

Wheel Stops, also commonly know as bump stops, are an ideal solution to protect gardens, other vehicles, and property assets around parking zones. Jagfence offers a variety of wheel stops, to suit virtually any application. Jagfence wheelstops are durable, of a very high quality and are built to last. All our wheelstops comply with AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 and are manufactured from recycled products...

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Carpark SAFETY PRODUCTS. Filter. Home / Carpark Safety / Wheelstops Wheelstop 1.8m One Piece $ 75.20 + GST. Description & Benefits. The 1.8m single piece wheel stops also called car stops or parking blocks are made from a long lasting high density virgin rubber. This means it is both hardwaring and resistant to UV light.

Concrete Wheel Stops | Area Safe Products

Concrete wheel stops are a precast concrete block constructed to act as a wheel bump stop. Area Safe supply 4 different types of precast concrete wheel stops for varying purposes. The Australian Standard AS2890-1.2004 for a wheel stop states that it must be 1650mm wide.

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Our Rubber Wheel Stops are ideal for effective delineation of parking areas and are used for the protection of walls, gardens, vehicles and other areas. Wheel Stops are an essential part of any car park, designed to inhibit encroachment into an opposing parking space, or contact with a building or high curb. They are fully compliant to AS/NZ 2890.1:2004 standards and are manufactured from...

Ultimate Wheel Stop Black Australian Made LLDPE

5 Year Warranty. Manufactured using an ultra tough High Impact Resin LLDPE. Durable means these wheel stops will not warp, crack, chip or rot. Easy installation by one person, wheel stop is light weight at only 5.15kgs. Resistant to UV, moisture, oil and extreme weather conditions. Designed and manufactured to comply with Australian standards...